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    Meiko Care Convention 22 / 23 June 2021

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    Hygiene specialist stages an online conference for the care sector – featuring a new product release, industry talks and round table discussions about the kitchen area and the dirty utility room

    On June 22 and 23 warewashing, design and trend industry experts will be discussing current topics such as hygiene, design and sustainability. In addition, Meiko’s latest product innovation will be presented for the first time. The conference addresses clinic operators, operators of residential and nursing homes for the elderly, technical planners, technical managers, hygiene specialists, hygienists, hygiene officers, catering managers and chefs.

    Cost pressure, hygiene safety, sustainable management, smart processes - the challenges in hospitals and nursing homes are complex. During the two-day conference, Meiko strives to deliver answers together with the invited panel of experts on how to manage these challenges successfully in the future. The first day covers the topic of hygiene safety in the dirty utility room, the following day, the processes in the kitchen area are examined - especially how they can be planned and designed in a hygienically safe way.

    22 June 10:00 to 11:20 a.m. – Hygiene safety in dirty utility rooms

    The first day of the two-day virtual event will kick off with a lecture on the topic of “Stopping pathogens: how intelligent planning assures hygiene.” This is followed by Meiko’s introduction to a brand new cleaning and disinfection technology - the new pearl in their care collection, with features facilitating the everyday care routine. Finally, Debbie Harris, Managing Director Autumna and Care Home expert, and other industry experts from the healthcare and planning sector, will discuss what standards to be used for planning hospitals and care homes of the future.

    23 June 10:00 to 11:20 a.m. – Hygiene and process safety in the kitchen area

    The industry talk “Improving hygiene with smart kitchen processes” introduces the second day of the Meiko Care Convention. Subsequently, Philip Shelley, with 20 years experience cooking in hospitals, Design Consultant Duncan Hepburn from Hepburn Associates and Food Trend Expert Hanni Rützler from zukunftsInstitut in Germany will be debating the structural change in catering in care settings.

    The conference will provide health and care workers with useful information and ideas on hygiene, sustainability and planning, and offers a platform for exchange. Interested parties can register now for the online conference free of charge at The conference language is English and the number of participants is limited. Ten copies of the latest Food Report by food trend researcher Hanni Rützler will be given to participants of the Care Convention in the kitchen area. Further programme details are available on the registration webpage.