The clean solution

    Cart Washers

    Technically advanced but easy to use for perfectly clean carts and more

    Cart Washer Catering

    Functional details - Made by and for professionals

    The dual wash and rinse systems which are adjusted to suit each cart and trolley type are located on the left, right and over the cart and move along the cart at pre-set intervals, thus optimally cleaning the whole surface several times during each washing process.

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    Wash nozzles

    Work under high pressure! Even in future – with the high-quality materials from MEIKO.

    Filter system

    Clean trolleys, thanks to clean wash chambers. This is ensured by the MEIKO filter system, trolley for trolley for trolley ...

    Wash chamber

    Reliable, efficient, large – here, everything fits. MEIKO also wins ergonomically through the floorless installation, as loading and unloading become child's play.

    Nozzle opening

    Large nozzles blow powerful, warm air streams directly onto the cleaned trolleys and so ensure outstanding drying results

    Trolley slant

    So nothing goes askew during drying: Automatic trolley slanting completes the excellent cleaning results as the water runs off.

    Playing it safe for excellent hygiene

    With the programmable logic controller (PLC), you always have all control and regulation functions in view and can output hygiene documentation at all times. Of course, the chemical-thermal wash process meets the requirements profile of the AK-BWA.

    Solutions as individual as your needs

    Your requirements and our strengths. Whether by separating clean and unclean space, individually or integrated into a complex overall system, such as with solutions for disposal of food scraps: We always offer customised solutions for your needs and reliable hygiene results.