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    The TopClean M from Meiko: From insider to Must-Have Machine

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    As a newcomer in the field of solutions for cleaning personal protective equipment, Meiko Maschinenbau GmbH is currently celebrating a successful début at the Interschutz exhibition. Long renowned for its cleaning and disinfection technology, the company recently exhibited at the world's leading exhibition for fire services and disaster relief organisations for the very first time. "We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from visitors to the fair," says Meiko sales manager Frank Hoffmann.

    Speed, precision and reliability are the hallmarks of any successful intervention by fire services or disaster relief teams – and they are also the key features of Meiko's innovative TopClean M technology. Designed to professionally clean self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) sets of masks, regulators and BA frames, the TopClean M is a cleaning and disinfection machine which has progressed from being an insider tip among BA equipment managers to a must-have machine in BA cleaning facilities. This was emphasised at this year's exhibition by André Jänicke, Sales Manager Europe at mask manufacturer Interspiro, who has followed the development of the TopClean M with interest: "Meiko technology offers advantages that have long been lacking in the industry – in other words speed, reliable processes, and better work safety standards in the BA room!"

    From volunteer firefighters and professional fire departments to airport fire services and the German Armed Forces' fire service training facility, the TopClean M already boasts a long list of references. It has also become a major talking point in its community of users, as Frank Hoffmann explains: "It was great to have so many people visiting our booth and taking an interest. That was prompted in part by the fantastic response our technology has had among existing users." Frank Hoffmann and the rest of the exhibition team – which included product specialist Manuel Paulat – identified the three most pressing concerns mentioned by visitors to the booth: the safety of people who wear SCBA equipment, the occupational health & safety of the people who clean it, and the cost involved in cleaning and disinfecting masks. Time is a huge factor when it comes to ensuring all the necessary equipment is available for the next call-out, as Paulat explains: "TopClean M technology makes it possible to clean 40 masks or 80 regulators or ten SCBA frames within 60 minutes. That represents a time saving of up to 60 percent compared to conventional methods."

    The patented method of cleaning regulators while they are still pressurised is currently recognised as unique in the industry.