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    Quickly and unbelievably dry – premium warewashing with M-iClean U

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    Meiko is ushering in a new era of warewashing with its most recent undercounter dishwasher series. The M-iClean U sets new standards for speed, steam reduction and drying results. The name is the same. But a lot of things are new.

    'We put our proven technologies to the test and then further improved upon them', says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert, Technical Manager at Meiko. During the development process, engineers focused specifically on three features: heat recovery (new: ComfortAir), the reverse osmosis system (the GiO MODULE) and the display's Private Label option. The result: The new M-iClean U boasts game-changing, unique selling propositions and represents added value for all customer segments.

    Quicker washing, drying, removal and cost efficiency thanks to the new ComfortAir heat recovery system

    The most significant innovation occurs with the integrated heat recovery, which ensures optimal cooling of the machine walls through the use of a large stainless steel surface combined with a supply of cold fresh water. The resulting condensation effect offers many advantages: 

    1. 30 seconds* faster: Valuable time is saved per wash cycle thanks to the new heat recovery system.

    2. Up to 80 percent* steam reduction. No visible steam escapes when the machine is opened, and no additional moisture or heat enters the room. This improves hygiene safety, while the staff also benefit. Eyeglasses no longer become fogged up each time the machine is opened and the climate in the room remains comfortable. In short, workplace conditions are improved. That means employees are more satisfied and perform better. Not to mention that damage to furniture caused by moisture is also prevented.

    3. ComfortAir ensures a better drying result by reducing residual moisture – up to 98 percent* for plates and up to 75 percent* for glasses. In conjunction with the GiO MODULE, the need for manual polishing is eliminated, the risk of glass breakage is minimised and washware is more quickly available for your guests to use. Dishes and glasses are hygienically clean and in perfect condition.

    4. ComfortAir saves valuable resources because hot vapours do not escape from the machine, but instead are returned to the water cycle as an energy source. That results in up to 21 percent* lower operating costs.

    Quicker installation, enormous space saving 

    All components for mains disconnection and the GiO MODULE are now integrated in the glass and dishwasher along with a fine filter you can change yourself – in full compliance with standards. This is unique in the industry. It also reduces the amount of space required and makes structural modifications superfluous. That saves you installation and maintenance costs.

    Getting the picture faster with Meiko Private Label

    This option allows you to quickly and easily personalise the display of the M-iClean U. Using individual logos on the welcome screen or up to three desired motifs as screen savers. The contact data of the service partner can also be integrated and can be viewed immediately if required.

    But not everything is new. We made sure that proven features from the predecessor model are also in the new M-iClean U. Like the signal M-iClean concept with illuminated LED handle, which uses colours to communicate the functional status of the dishwasher from a distance. And the colour concept is also applied inside. If functional elements are blue, they can easily be checked or cleaned by operating personnel. Meiko is well aware that nowadays customers have teams that change. This means intuitive, simple operation is an economic must.

    *All data are shown as maximum values and refer to savings when using ComfortAir heat recovery.