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    Intelligent dishwashing machines are the future

    In 2013 over 133,000 international visitors and 1,700 exhibitors gathered at the marketplace for the hospitality industry in Milan. For Meiko – the innovative manufacturer of dishwashing appliances based in Offenburg, Germany – this year's edition of HOST is another welcome opportunity to present its products to visitors from all over the world.

     "As a premium manufacturer we're always striving to offer something new, and our periodic cycles of innovation enable us to achieve that every time. One of the key things we're focusing on is a form of intelligent human-machine communication which makes processes more efficient. We want to give our customers the space to focus on different things, leaving us to deal with the washing-up in a way that creates the least hassle and fuss. So it's always worth checking out Meiko's booth at HOST," says Dr Eric Weiss, Managing Director of Meiko Italy, which is based in Chivasso.

    Minimising the use of resources is an important trend in today's market. Meiko's belief in sustainability has led the company to develop a range of technical features which help save water, energy and chemicals. Firmly based on German engineering excellence, Meiko's quality standards run through the company's full range of products, from entry-level to premium models.


    Innovations due to be launched at HOST:

    M-iQ GreenEye technology®:

    GreenEye technology® throws a whole new light on how people and machines can work together as a team. The machine communicates through colours, enabling operators to identify efficiency improvements. The visual cues help users 'wash and save', allowing the machine to work more efficiently while minimising the use of resources.

    M-iClean: The Beauty of Cleaning

    The new M-iClean range of undercounter glass and dishwashing machines is a great example of how to get beautifully clean results. As well as offering cutting-edge technology, M-iClean appliances also stand out for their innovative design. They bring advances in dishwashing technology to life with their user-friendly interface, low running costs, and an LED handle which lights up to ensure perfect communication between the machine and the operator.


    Please visit us at: HOST Milan in Pavilion 11, booth B 28 C 27